Power to Sketch

I was brought on by the project owner because a designer was not delivering on what was promised: to symbolize assets for reuse throughout the project, ensuring no fragments or one offs were left, especially when delivered to the development team.

Sketch is a very powerful tool that allows you to create “varied” symbols to scale a singular instance of a component (like an input field), where nesting enables you to create some powerful functions in assets.

A deeper dive

My task was to not only fix all the repeated assets and combine them into a clean, single source of symbols, but I was also tasked in ensuring that each page’s spacing and colors were consistent. Thankfully, the project was relatively small, which allowed to be finish in a timely manner.

Desktop designs
Mobile designs

The final product

The client was happy with the scalability of symbols and the ability to edit them in an easy fashion. I also helped give some development guidance through CSS.