Powering a global news network

Powering a global news network

Pixel Commerce was hired by CNN to help establish their design system, powering every brand and elevating every story. Our task was to consolidate, standardize and magnify stories and brands across all of CNN.com.

UI Components

Consistent interface

We created standard UI components utilized across CNN.com, which helped expedite to market launches across all product verticals.

Brand elevation

Giving brands a voice

We established templates for brand standards for each unique voice under the CNN umbrella while also ensuring the master brand was ever-present. This enforced trust in the readership while also giving everything just that much more flare.


Creating documentation

Every design choice was documented and explained thoroughly as guidelines for designers and developers building pages now and in the future to understand patterns and best practices.

Template creation

CNN moved to a new CMS and because of that we helped create templates for different content types under different brands. Each one followed our specific grids and grid formations.