About Pixel Commerce

We are a worker cooperative digital design agency

This means each member is an equal owner and has a say on how our business excels and operates. This puts the focus on our people with sustainability in mind.

Our approach is to be as transparent and honest in our work process, not only for our members, but for our clients as well. And since we’re a mostly digital team, that means overhead costs are minimal so that our price is more reasonable than any other conventional agency.

Meet the team

Our team is small, but have a lot of experience in servicing big and small clients.

Majed Elass

Majed is a UX/UI Designer with development skills. He’s worked on numerous clients and helped increase revenue by designing interfaces for their customers that yield results.

John Dorsey

John is a copywriter and developer who helps craft stories and narrative that best fits a customer’s needs and wants. Their work has helped sell and guide users through interfaces.