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Creating success through long term collaboration

Why design?

A website is not just a simple tool. It’s a reflection of your business. Oftentimes, our first interactions with a business is purely online and that’s where our judgments are formed.

Should we buy? Should we book *this* location over another? Is this the best choice for me?

But what takes a first impression with a website to a full-blown relationship between business and customer?

That’s where design comes in.

Design is a discussion between the designer and the viewer. It’s a visual conversation that’s constantly being communicated.

From choosing the right colors to reflect your unique business style, to ensuring ease of use and accessibility, design is the way expectations are communicated to a wide audience.

Design-driven experiences for your customers

Pixel Commerce is the digital partner for the hospitality industry and we utilize design to craft specific, positive experiences for your customers.

Just as you serve your guests, Pixel Commerce will serve your business, whether that be through simple website redesigns, or SEO and Social Media management, all built around that central conversation you are having.

Business requirement strategies & customer needs

The needs of your business and those of your customers are unique and the service you receive should reflect that.

Together, we have nearly a decade of design-based experience in building products that yield satisfied customers and increased revenue for our clients. By placing your needs and requirements first, we can help move your business forward.

Technological synthesis

Technology is a tool and can be used to better our everyday lives. The same thing can be said for your business. Let the design and the tools work for you and the people who use them.

Our tech-based solutions will be used to solve material and every day problems that can bring the online and real-world together in the best way to benefit your business and your customers.

Services we offer

Although we do suggest working on all of these together (because they are apart of the overall strategy), we understand there are budget restrictions. Sometimes priorties have to be shifted to meet rigorious deadlines. We pride ourselves in that we have never once missed a deadline.


Digital planning for businesses

Establishing a strong digital plan helps enable customer loyalty by connecting them with your offers, deals and events. A managable solution that can be built upon moving forward.


Content & SEO Strategy

Communicate effectively with your users and apply site rankings to put yourself before more customers than ever before!


User experience & visual design

You understand your customer's needs. We help translate those needs into a user friendly, responsive interface that keeps customers loyal and coming back every time.


Web development & implementation

We implement our designs in a scalable and manageable fashion. Let us be the solution for the present as well as the future.

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