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How to develop for the web

When you’re developing for the web, tools don’t have to be expensive. When we’re considering tools, we try to tailor the experience to your business and your needs. This is why we like WordPress – it takes a lot of work out of the equation and makes the process accessible.

But what should you be looking for when you’re developing for the web? What do we mean when think about how to develop for the web? And what kind of development should you focus on? Read on down below.


What is Scalability? Well, it’s when you extend the existing functionality that you’ve created before. Simply put, it’s making your platform faster and cheaper to build. It’s the foundation of your platform that we want to scale, so that when we return to it, it works in our favor.


When you work for scalability, you’re building a manageable platform to work with. And who doesn’t want their tools to be more manageable.

When you’re developing for the web, often times you’ll work with CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets – this is basically how a website looks, the pure visual aspects.

When you’re formatting on a site through CSS, it should be easily manageable. If you were to tweak one element, the rest of the elements will fall into place, rather than bringing down the whole structure.

As we discussed in our previous post, having a good design is important for functionality. And this good design, this functionality, and this manageable foundation all leads to greater traffic for your site and greater revenue for your business.

How we develop for the web

So have a conversation with us – we’re always happy to discuss how to develop for the web and the process we look at will be discussed in a later article.

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