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Good design grows revenue

Welcome back. Our topic today is design for the web – what makes a web design good. And what do we mean when we say good design grows revenue? Read on down below.

What is good design?

Occasionally, we’ll be asked to focus less on the design of a site and more on its functionality – how the site functions over perceived visual design “flourishes”. There is a belief that as long as the site, or application, functions properly, good visual design is unneeded.

That’s not an entirely wrong idea. If we were to choose, we’d choose how something works over how it looks each time. But we believe that it’s just as appropriate to say that good visual design is itself an important form of functionality.

Whether you’re building a website, an application, or even other forms of artistic endeavors, design is an important part of the way you communicate information to your audience. The elements of design are all important to how functional and accessible your platform is. They aren’t separate processes.

They compliment each other and aid the user’s interactions to give them the capability to act, browse and buy with confidence.

Good design is functionality

We believe that design is communication between the designer and the viewer. And like other forms of communication, we want to ensure that your audience gets the information they need easily and effectively.

That’s where good design comes in. 

You want to give away that information. Guide your site’s visitor’s to where they need to go so they feel empowered and knowledgeable.

If a website’s color scheme doesn’t take into account details like color-blindness, certain guests may miss important details. When they miss details, they feel less inclined to buy.

Or if your photos aren’t sized appropriately, they could undersell the property that you’re trying to promote. 

A well designed platform anticipates how a site visitor will use the platform and make sure all the information, visual included, helps them get to where they need to go to buy. And a good design grows revenue.

Variety of design 

Anticipate how a visitor to your site moves through the information. Good design anticipates where that visitor is coming from and how they’re accessing the information you want them to know.

For example, a visitor on desktop is going to have a different experience than one on their smartphone.

On desktop, the visitor is sitting down. They’re taking their time, exploring the site. There’s greater visual real estate to work with and the visitor is less overwhelmed by the information presented.

On mobile it’s a different game. They’re more likely to be on the move or traveling. The information presented needs to be more focused because there’s less space to work with. Your users aren’t exploring on their smartphones. They’re looking up information given to them by a friend. Or they saw something and want more information, right now.

Your site has to be able to catch these mobile site users and entice them in the time that they’re allotting.

Consider that 58% of site visits came from mobile users in 2018. Or that, in a year, desktop internet usage went from 54.8% to 46.5% while mobile usage jumped to 48.3%. The switch to mobile is a growing reality for audiences. You want your business to be just as effective there.

How does it all lead to increased revenue?

When you tailor your digital experience to guide your visitors to where they need to go, they’re more likely to engage and buy from your business. In other words, good design grows revenue for you.

Displaying the appropriate information in an inviting way is going to make the process to buy easier which leads to not just increased revenue but also customer retention and an increase in page views and time spent on your site. 

The more that you invest in communicating with your audience, the better your business does.

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